Growing up in the countryside, gardens and outdoor spaces have always seemed a natural place to be. I have also grown up in a family that loves food, particularly good food, and sharing it with others. So it makes perfect sense to me that I now combine these things in growing organic food in the kitchen garden, which I can then cook and enjoy with family and friends. The ultimate goal is fruit and vegetable self-sufficiency, with food to eat at all times of the year from our own garden.

Hoverfly on radish flower

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Seasonal updates, tips and ideas for growing your own kitchen garden.

Roasted tomatoes and onions

September Recipe: Fresh Tomato Sauce
Preserve your harvest for the colder months with this simple recipe – or enjoy them now!
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July 2020
If June was characterized by vigorous growth and the first harvests of summer, July is the summer in full flow.
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Lettuce growing in a raised bed

June 2020
We started this month riding on the high of an unusually warm spring, and with all of the vigorous growth that brings.
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November 2019
Now, as we head into winter and the garden prepares for a long sleep until next year, there isn’t much more I can do outside.
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