Milk and More Orgaic Whole Milk
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Milk, and so much more

Since watching the recent War on Plastic BBC documentary, I have been horrified by the reality of the extent of plastic waste This is made worse by the fact that much of the plastic we do recycle in this country winds up halfway across the world in large waste piles and with little prospect of… Continue reading Milk, and so much more

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The kitchen garden in May & our goal for summer 2019

We kicked off this year in January with the beginnings of an ambitious project for our garden. Six new raised beds went into it in March, joining the one Vegtrug we planted up last year. More recently, in April, two long planters for peas and an assortment of buckets of potato plants joined them. Desire… Continue reading The kitchen garden in May & our goal for summer 2019

Ripening cherry tomatoes
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September Kitchen Garden Update

As the start of meteorological autumn, September heralds the beginning of the new season in all its golden glory, and as soon as my birthday is over (3rd September), I can’t help but start planning for Christmas! (However early that may seem…) But, looking out into my garden, the seasons seem to have a different… Continue reading September Kitchen Garden Update

Courgette Plant
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August Kitchen Garden Update

We’re finally tucking into courgettes from the garden, I haven’t bought carrots since June, and I have more beetroots than I really know what to do with! There are also little cucumbers and tomatoes finally forming on the plants, and as our chilli seeds didn’t sprout in the end, we bought a couple of chilli… Continue reading August Kitchen Garden Update

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Food Trends 2018

I cook and eat the food I love and that those around me will enjoy (hopefully!). I don’t often follow trends or diets – I don’t want to force a shoe that doesn’t fit me. It’s just not worth it. It doesn’t make them bad diets or bad ideas, it just means they aren’t meant for me personally. Our likes and dislikes keep the world interesting and full of variety, and keep inventors dreaming up new tasty ideas. I don’t believe that food is a one-size-fits-all situation!

However, it is great to keep updated with new ideas. You never know when inspiration will strike, or what new delicious things you might discover! So with that in mind, I’ve had a look at the predicted food trends for 2018 from company Whole Foods, as curated by their team of super trend spotters. I’ve picked my top 5 trends that I’m most excited to find out more about, and here’s a quick round up the 5, with my verdict.