Flor de Sal
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Flor De Sal Review & Mini Roast Potatoes Recipe

This post includes a review of a gifted product. Since the fateful Sunday as a child when I ate 12 roast potatoes in one sitting (more than my age at the time) I have been a huge fan of crisp roasties, both with roast dinners and other meals too. The only problem is that it… Continue reading Flor De Sal Review & Mini Roast Potatoes Recipe

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Easy Italian flavours with Cannamela

[AD GIFTED] I have always been a lover of Italian food, from the plates of spaghetti bolognese I shared with my sister in restaurants (begrudgingly on her part) when we were small, to my more recent holidays to Italy experiencing the ‘real thing’. So, when I saw that Ciao Gusto were looking for people to… Continue reading Easy Italian flavours with Cannamela

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The Spice Tailor Review

I was lucky enough to win a box of The Spice Tailor sauce kits in a Twitter competition this summer, and having worked my way through most of varieties now, I have been seriously impressed with the results! Disclaimer – this is not a sponsored post, I just really love the product! Those who know… Continue reading The Spice Tailor Review