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Milk, and so much more

Since watching the recent War on Plastic BBC documentary, I have been horrified by the reality of the extent of plastic waste This is made worse by the fact that much of the plastic we do recycle in this country winds up halfway across the world in large waste piles and with little prospect of actually being recycled. It has made me determined to find ways in which we can reduce the plastic we are using as much as possible.

The first change I have made is actually a really exciting one. My parents have told me about having milk delivered by a milkman in the past: the norm when they were growing up. Thinking about it now, the fact I haven’t decided to try this before, purely on the basis of a dreamy cream layer at the top to go over my breakfast, I don’t actually know, but I am pleased to say we have finally taken the plunge.

Milk and More Organic Whole Milk and fresh orange juice
Milk & More Organic Whole Milk and fresh orange juice

Our first milk delivery arrived yesterday morning: one gorgeous creamy pint of organic milk, and a free one of fresh orange juice, included as a welcome gift. Both in glass bottles, both with metal lids. Not a scrap of plastic in sight! I was lucky enough that Chris had already put these in the fridge as the first one up yesterday morning, but the deliveries arrive by 7am, which is perfect for tucking the milk away in to the fridge before leaving for work. Especially in these temperatures!

On opening the milk, I was delighted to discover that the cream layer at the top of the milk really did exist, and my goodness was it wonderful on my breakfast of overnight oats and strawberries.

And best of all, this delicious creamy milk arrived free of charge in time for breakfast with very little effort on my part. All I needed to do was select my milk and delivery date on the Milk and More website, register my details, and there it was yesterday morning. For anyone arguing that plastic bottles of milk from the supermarket are more convenient, I genuinely don’t think you could get any more convenient than a milk man delivering to your doorstep!

And if that’s not convincing enough, you can even add eggs, butter, cheese and much more to your delivery, and it will all be there waiting on your doorstep ready for breakfast in the morning. Perfect!

Milk & More Organic Whole Milk and fresh orange juice
Milk & More Organic Whole Milk and fresh orange juice

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