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Popcorn Shed Review

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Food is never far from my thoughts, and as I prefer to eat smaller portions of food more often in the day, I always like to have snacks to hand. Because of this, I’m constantly on the lookout for tasty, healthy options that I can easily fit in my work bag or keep in my desk drawer! For a while now, popcorn has been one of my snack drawer staples, mainly salted flavour. But when I heard about a gourmet a gourmet popcorn brand creating delicious new flavours in 120 calorie bags, I knew this was definitely one for me.

Popcorn Shed are a family run business started by 2 cousins, making a range of gourmet flavour popcorn in jars, ‘shed’ boxes and individual 24g snack bags. For me, the bags are an ideal snack size, and at 120 calories a bag, they are a delicious treat that’s easy to fit into a healthy balanced diet. But what about the wonderful flavours? Ranging from the classic salted caramel, to nut and caramel combinations, to cheesy flavours, there is something in the range for everyone. The lovely people at Popcorn Shed were kind enough to share a sample of all of their flavours with me, so I’ve had the privilege of trying them all!

Popcorn Shed flavours

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but am very impressed with all of the sweet popcorn flavours – I enjoyed every crispy mouthful! They are just the right level of sweet without being sickly, and the flavours in each bag add some interest and variety to the normal popcorn options available. My favourite was actually the first pack I tried, Salted Caramel. The balance of salt and sweet is just right, and the added milk chocolate makes them feel more indulgent, and incredibly moreish! My other 2 favourite flavours are Berry-licious (raspberry, caramel and dark chocolate) and Pecan Pie (nutty caramel and pecans). I have never seen these flavours in popcorn before and I love that they’re new and different. The raspberry is tangy against the sweet caramel and bitter dark chocolate, and salty pecans balance against a generous coating of sweet, nutty caramel. Is your mouth watering yet?

Popcorn Shed Salted Caramel

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of cheese flavoured snacks, so wasn’t sure about the 2 cheese flavours. However, Chris my fiancé, a big fan of cheese, says they were really tasty, and as they didn’t hang around very long, I’ll happily take his word for it!

I would definitely love to eat more of the flavours I enjoyed most, and was very pleased to discover that Popcorn Shed can be ordered online on their website, through Ocado, Amazon and more (full list at popcornshed.com). But, once you decide what flavour (or flavours!) you want to try, which size is better, a jar, ‘shed’ box or individual snack bags? If you’re anything like me, the pre-portioned 24g bags make sure you can’t over-indulge on snacks, and eat it all on day 1… If you’re looking for a gift, a ‘shed’ box or jar would make an unusual and delicious addition to a foodie hamper, care package for a new mum, or simply a gift for your best friend just because they’re amazing. Quite honestly, any popcorn fan is sure to find a flavour (or a few!) they love, and this treat is definitely worth spending a little extra to enjoy!

Popcorn Shed Berry-licious

There’s just one question left: which flavour do you want to try?

  • Pop ‘N’ Choc – chocolate and cocoa infusedcaramel
  • Salted Caramel – salted caramel and milkchocolate
  • Pecan Pie – nutty caramel and pecans
  • Berry-licious – raspberry, caramel and darkchocolate
  • Butterly Nuts – peanut butter caramel and peanuts
  • Sweet Cheesus – cheddar and caramel
  • Say Cheese – cheddar cheese

Available online at popcornshed.com and from selected retailers.

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