Squash soup with croutons
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Fiery Squash Soup Recipe

Pumpkin and squash soups have always been one of my favourite flavours of soup, and I love the combination of spices with the sweet taste of squash. In autumn, when squash are at their best and in season, this is the perfect recipe to celebrate them! I love a thick, hearty blended soup, but you can leave it chunky if you prefer, or simply serve the roasted squash mixed through with the onion, garlic and ginger, with some rice.

This recipe uses two gem squashes, and makes enough for two people for a dinner with bread, but you could also use a small butternut squash to make the same amount. You can also scale up the recipe, using a double quantity of ingredients to a large butternut squash or pumpkin, to serve 4 people.

A note on spice: the heat from curry powder can vary, so it’s worth tasting a piece of roasted squash before adding extra chilli if you don’t like it so hot. The heat of fresh chillies can vary too, so remove the seeds and white pith from inside the chilli to tone down the heat. You can always add a little chilli powder to the recipe after tasting it, if it needs it! And of course, if you like it really hot, cut the fresh chilli into smaller pieces, leave them in the soup and blend them in rather than taking them out!

Fiery Squash Soup Recipe

2 gem squash
2 tbsp mild madras powder
1 tbsp rapeseed oil
6-8 cherry tomatoes
1 red onion, roughly chopped
1 garlic clove, peeled and chopped
2cm piece of ginger, peeled and finely chopped
1 red chilli, halved
½ vegetable stock cube
100ml double cream

Preheat the oven to 180C˚.
Carefully peel the squash, and cut it into 3cm chunks. Add these to a roasting tin, with 1 tbsp rapeseed oil and the madras powder. Mix well to coat, and roast for 30 mins, or until the squash is soft.
After 15 minutes, add the charry tomatoes to the tray, and roast for the remaining 15 minutes.
Meanwhile, add the onion, garlic and ginger to a frying pan with 1 tsp rapeseed oil, and gently fry over a medium heat.
Once softened, turn off the heat, and set to one side.
When the squash is roasted, put it into a non-stick casserole pan with the onion garlic and ginger. Add the ½ stock cube, halved red chilli and 250ml of water.
Bring to a low simmer for 20 minutes.
Remove the pieces of chilli, then blend until smooth and thick. Add a splash more water if it’s a little too thick.
Stir in the double cream and season to taste. Serve with homemade croutons and fresh bread for a filling, warming dinner.

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