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The Spice Tailor Review

I was lucky enough to win a box of The Spice Tailor sauce kits in a Twitter competition this summer, and having worked my way through most of varieties now, I have been seriously impressed with the results!
Disclaimer – this is not a sponsored post, I just really love the product!

Punjabi tomato curry sauce

Those who know me well will know that I tend to cook food from scratch every night, and am a strong believer in making my own sauces rather than buying them. However, everyone needs a night off once in a while, and as Chris isn’t too keen on cooking (as in, he doesn’t…) a quick dinner win is always very useful to have in my cupboard!

I have tried various jars of cooking sauce in the past, but can’t say I’ve been particularly impressed with any of them up to this point, especially not enough to make it a regular purchase. Jar sauce is fine, but so often it’s just that: fine. The depth of flavour is missing and the overall results are a disappointingly average gravy, with too much salt.

Chicken and cauliflower Korma

Enter The Spice Tailor. With the separate packets of whole spices and sauces, I was already intrigued by the prospect of layers of flavours and I wasn’t disappointed. Unlike other options available, the flavours are rich and full, enhanced by the warmth of the whole spices (which I grind before adding to get maximum flavour and to avoid having to fish for them at the end). The spices are selected to add to the existing sauce recipe without overpowering it, and the optional dried chilli adds an extra bit of heat. So far, I haven’t tried a sauce from The Spice Tailor I don’t like! I have my favourites: the rich and delicately spiced Korma (perfect served with saffron rice) and the thick, tangy sauce of the Punjabi Tomato Curry, which reminds me a bit of my mum’s curry sauce (also delicious!).

Punjabi tomato curry with pilau rice and homemade rotis

The other brilliant thing about these sauces is that they’re so easy to make! The whole dish is ready in minutes (depending on your choice of meat, fish or vegetables) following 4 easy steps (5 if like me, you grind the spices first). This allows plenty of time to cook some rice or breads to serve with it, while the main dish finishes off cooking. If you want an easy fake-away dinner option, The Spice Tailor is a stress free, quick option that really delivers on flavour. And who knows, maybe Chris will even cook it for me as it’s so simple! (I live in hope…)

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